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Cold, wet Winter in 2017 +++++ severe drought conditions experienced here in Summer 2018 +++++ record average temperatures for December 2018 and January 2019 have grass growth rates surging +++++ genuine unpredictability of the Irish weather +++++ the need for contingency planning +++++ the importance of a reliable, sustainable supply of fresh grass or quality silage never more apparent +++++ outlook for 2019 positive however +++++ continuing global milk price stability gives confidence +++++ Dairy industry sources here predicting a milk production increase by 300 million litres this year.

MoreGrass +++++ complete range of seed mixtures +++++ re-seeding or overseeding +++++ specialized, reliable and sustainable +++++ global genetic diversity +++++ MoreGrass certified in Ireland by the DAFM +++++ tailored specifically to Irish Farming conditions +++++ MoreGrass focus on Persistency, Yield, Milk Production, Quality and Cost Efficiency.

Wishing you all a positive farming year in 2019

Yours sincerely,

Niall Mac Lochlainn
MoreGrass, Ireland

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