Cut & graze

Bag size: 11,5 kg
Sowing rate: 11.5 kg / acre
Product no. 910081
Spread of heading date:
1st–10th June

MG 10 Cut & Graze Supreme

4.5 PRG LATE dip. Toddington
3.5 PRG LATE tet. Nashota
3.0 PRG LATE tet. Alfonso/Aspect
0.5 White clover blend

  • Dual purpose cut & graze mix

  • Excellent first and second cut silage

  • Good spring and autumn growth

  • Excellent ground cover all-year-round

Bag size: 12 kg
Sowing rate: 12 kg / acre
Product no. 910083
Spread of heading date:
24th May–7th June

MG 30 Supreme Grazing

3.5 PRG INT. dip. Nifty
1.0 PRG EARLY tet. Salmo/Arvicola
2.0 PRG LATE tet. Nashota
3.5 PRG LATE tet. Alfonso/Aspect
2.0 PRG LATE tet. Solas

  • Exceptional grazing quality pasture
  • High palatability and digestibility
  • Excellent ground cover and resistance to poaching
  • Excellent spring and autumn growth

New MG 30 without clover:
No worries about clover losses in year 1 of your grazing sward

Bag size: 11.5 kg
Sowing rate: 11.5 kg / acre
Product no. 910078
Spread of heading date:
24th May–7th June

MG 40 High Clover

2.0 PRG INT. dip. Boyne
2.5 PRG LATE dip. Toddington
3.0 PRG LATE tet. Melfrost
2.0 PRG LATE tet. Melpaula
2.0 White clover blend

  • Clover rich dual purpose mix

  • Ideal in low N fertilizer situations

  • Exceptional for finishing lambs on aftermath

  • Excellent clover establishment

Bag size: 11.5 kg
Sowing rate: 11.5 kg / acre
Product no. 910085
Spread of heading date:
1st-7th June

MG 50 Wetland

3.5 PRG INT. dip. Boyne
3.0 PRG LATE dip. Toddington
1.5 PRG LATE tet. Melpetra
1.5 PRG LATE tet. Melfrost
1.5 Timothy Polarking
0.5 White clover blend

  • Perfect for heavy and reclaimed land
  • Outstanding moisture absorption properties
  • Very good resistance against poaching
  • Suitable for moory soils
  • Exceptional early spring growth
Bag size: 11.5 kg
Sowing rate: 11.5 kg/acre
Product no. 910065
Spread of heading date:
2nd May–6th June

MG 65 Persistence & Yield

2.0 PRG LATE dip. Toddington
2.0 PRG EARLY tet. Salmo/Arvicola
1.5 PRG INT. tet. Soraya/Tribal
3.0 PRG LATE tet. Melpetra
3.0 PRG LATE tet. Melpaula

  • Long lasting intensive cut & graze mix
  • Outstanding persistence, tolerance and winter-hardiness, excellent ground cover
  • Spread of varieties ensures full season production