MoreGrass Equine

The MoreGrass Equine range has been formulated to support the diverse demands horses place on a sward and the need to produce high quality winter forage. Choosing the correct mixture to fill the demand needed is very important.

Bag size: 13 kg
Sowing rate: 13 kg/acre
Product no. 910087

MG 70 Paddock & Grazing

3.0 PRG INT. dip. Rodrigo
3.0 PRG LATE dip. Stefani
3.0 PRG LATE dip. Thomas
1.5 PRG DWARF Bellevue
1.5 Smooth-stalked meadow grass Balin
1.0 Creeping red fescue Reverent

  • Excellent sward density

  • Outstanding wear tolerance

  • Suitable for grazing

  • Exceptional ground cover

Bag size: 1 kg
Sowing rate: 1 kg/acre
Product no. 910040

MG 730 Natural Herb Mix

Caraway, burnet
wild carrot
sheep’s parsley
cow parsley

  • Add-on herb mix for grazing mixtures
  • For reseeding and overseeding
  • Natural enhancement of animal health
  • Reduction of risk of laminitis
  • Provides vitamins and minerals