Grasses & clover

Bag size: 13 kg
Sowing rate: 13 kg/acre
Product no. 910075

MG 75 Silage & Haylage medium term

2.5 IRG dip. Melina
2.5 IRG dip. Oryx
4.0 IRG tet. Melsprinter
4.0 IRG tet. Melquatro

  • Blend of IRG - one of the best grasses for haylage and silage
  • Rapid and abundant growth for spring cutting
  • Very high yields allowing multiple cuts
  • Quick regeneration for aftermath grazing

Bag size: 13 kg
Sowing rate: 13-15 kg/acre
Product no. 910077

MG 77 Silage & Haylage long term

6.5 HRG tet. Melcombi
6.5 HRG tet. Rusa

  • Very high yields of excellent quality feed
  • Exceptional winterhardiness
  • Very good persistence

Bag size: 13 kg
Sowing rate: 13 kg/acre
Product no. 910076

MG 79 Silage & Haylage short term

6.5 WRG dip. Mendoza
6.5 WRG tet. Meljump

  • Very rapid establishment
  • Quick results - low maintenance
  • Exceptional yields in sowing year
  • Ideal for summer sowing after cereals and autumn cutting

Sowing rate: 5-6 kg/acre

  • The most persistent legume species used in Ireland
  • Ideal companion for perennial ryegrass and suitable for cut & graze
  • Provides high levels of nitrogen to the sward
  • Ensures its presence in long term leys, increasing the palatability, minerals and protein contents of your pasture

Sowing rate: 10-12 kg/acre

  • One of the best producers of protein in Ireland
  • Usually persists for 3 years and is suitable for cut & graze
  • Great companion for perennial ryegrass

In comparison to PRG, these grasses show:

  1. Higher dry matter yields
  2. Faster growth
  3. Can be cropped up to 6 times a year

Melina (dip.)

  • Excellent yields evenly distributed
  • Very high rust and mildew resistance
  • Excellent winter-hardiness

Melsprinter (tet.)

  • Extremely low susceptibility to diseases, particularly rust
  • Excellent yields evenly distributed
  • Very fast re-establishment after cutting
  • Excellent winter-hardiness

  • Cross between IRG and PRG
  • Extremely competitive grasses

Melcombi (tet.)

  • High yields evenly distributed
  • High productivity of mass
  • Low susceptibity to diseases
  • Very high winter-hardiness

  • Short-lived grasses
  • Annual cultivation - multiple cropping
  • Can be sown as catch crop or main crop
  • Also used as “nurse grass”

Meljump (tet.)

  • Perfect all-rounder amongst annual ryegrasses
  • Extremely high yields in first cut, also excellent in aftermath
  • High mass formation and excellent stability
  • Low susceptibility to rust infections