More milk from grass!

When discussing milk production, the main aspect to consider is the achievement of the highest possible milk yield (kg milk per animal per day) from grass.
MoreGrass mixes are designed with a selection of healthy and persistent varieties of perennial ryegrasses and clovers, focusing on high protein content, digestibility and palatability.

Recent studies have shown that the inclusion of herbs such as plantain and chicory in the dairy pasture not only enhance the quality of the sward but also have a positive effect on animal health, feed intake and milk yields. MoreGrass has designed a mixture to specifically meet this purpose: MG 11 Grazing Herbs.


  • Immediate response to feed intake was registered: increase of grazing time per cow of 75 minutes per day.
  • Increase of milk yields by 1.5 l per day.

How the test was carried out:
By sowing 11.5 kg/acre of MG 10 in combination with add-on 2.5 kg/acre of MG 11 Grazing Herbs, whilst keeping a separate dedicated control field of MG 10.

This is followed by grazing on the control field of MG 10 and then switching to the test field with MG 11 Grazing Herbs.