What is MoreGrass?

Varieties incorporated in the MoreGrass portfolio are on the Irish recommended list or have proven performance on the ground under real conditions.

GROUND COVER, YIELD, PERSISTENCE, HIGH-LEAF/LOW-STEM ratio, RESISTANCE to POACHING and PLANT HEALTH are the key breeding targets and core traits of our varieties.

After 70 years of EXPERIENCE in the seed business, MoreGrass prefers to trust proven varieties and the knowledge of the Irish farmer, rather than rely upon any evaluations or profit index based on simulated models.

The proof will be in your field!

More milk from grass!

When discussing milk production, the main aspect to consider is the achievement of the highest possible milk yield (kg milk per animal per day) from grass.
MoreGrass mixes are designed with a selection of healthy and persistent varieties of perennial ryegrasses and clovers, focusing on high protein content, digestibility and palatability.
Recent studies have shown that the inclusion of herbs such as plantain and chicory in the dairy pasture not only enhance the quality of the sward but also have a positive effect on animal health, feed intake and milk yields. MoreGrass has designed a mixture to specifically meet this purpose: MG 11 Grazing Herbs.

MoreGrass 2021

15th edition
Professional guide to grass seed mixtures,
clovers & catch crops

Your benefits

  • Greater returns
  • Improved animal performance & productivity
  • Improved feed quality & palatability
  • Improved pasture growth & genetics