Organic seed

All  MoreGrass organic seed is compliant with EU organic regulations and is fully certified by the EU approved organic certification body LACON. Many of the basic principals remain the same for organic farming as with conventional farming. There are some important differences, most noticeably fertilizers and herbicides for weed control are not allowed.

Organic seed mixtures

All MoreGrass organic seed mixtures comply with EU organic regulations an contain a minimum of 70 % certified organic seed.

Organic Coated Clover

Organic Coated Clover has the same organic coating as on ordinary Coated Clover except there is no dye used in the process. This ensures the coating is compliant for organic use and has been approved for use by the organic certification body LACON.

Lacon Bio-Certificate

The organic farmer must focus  on the following key factors:

  • Establish a system of grassland management
  • Understanding the importance of pasture renewal, reseeding – overseeding
  • With herbicides disallowed, ensure the seed can establish quickly before the weeds or existing sward can compete
  • Clover rich swards ensure nitrogen fixing from the soil
Bag size: 10 kg
Sowing rate: 10-20 kg/acre
Product no. 910043

MGO–2 Organic Grazing & Silage

1.7 kg PRG (late)
1.7 kg PRG (int.)
1.3 kg PRG (early)
2.0 kg Meadow fescue
1.7 kg Timothy
1.0 kg Smooth-stalked meadow grass
0.6 kg White clover

  • Dual purpose mix for cut & graze systems

  • Highly adaptable for alternating conditions such as weather or management

  • Outstanding resistance to poaching

  • Very good winter-hardiness and persistence

  • Flexible, all year round productivity

Bag size: 10 kg
Sowing rate: 10 kg/acre
Product no. 890045

MGO-3 Organic Silage & High Protein

2.9 kg PRG
2.1 kg IRG
2.1 kg HRG
2.9 kg Red clover

  • Medium term usage 2-3 years
  • High protein production
  • Excellent silage mixture
  • Very good winter-hardiness and persistence


More than 100 organic species and varieties available.
Please ask!

Species Sowing rate
Hybrid ryegrass 16–18 kg/acre
Italian ryegrass 16–18 kg/acre
Westwold ryegrass 16–18 kg/acre
Perennial ryegrass 10−14 kg/acre
Meadow fescue 10 kg/acre
Timothy 6 kg/acre
Red fescue 10 kg/acre
Egyptian clover 14 kg/acre
Red clover 10 kg/acre
White clover 5−6 kg/acre
Crimson clover 12 kg/acre
Sweet clover 12 kg/acre
Alfalfa 10–12 kg/acre
Common Vetch 24−48 kg/acre
Vetch 24−48 kg/acre
Field peas 64 kg/acre
Species Sowing rate
Beans 80 kg/acre
Kale 2 kg/acre
Buckwheat 30–36 kg/acre
Perennial ryegrass 10−14 kg/acre
White mustard 8–10 kg/acre
Lupine 72 kg/acre
Fodder radish 8–12 kg/acre
Phacelia 4−5 kg/acre
Sunflower 8 - 12 kg/acre
Sainfoin 80 kg/acre
Bird´s foot treefoil 6 -8 kg/acre
Cocksfoot 8 - 10 kg/acre
Persian clover 8 kg/acre
Serradella 16 kg/acre
Rye (perennial) 44 kg/acre
Festulolium 14 kg/acre