MoreGrass Coated Seed

A cost efficient way to improve damaged grassland

The benefits:

  • Improves pre-emergence rates due to better soil contact
  • Preserves and protects the seed until optimum degree of moisture is reached
  • Contains plant health boosters to improve health and boost resistance of seedlings and young plants
  • Contains germination acellerators

Keep in mind:

  • Coated seed is ideal for sowing by broadcasting with a fertilizer spreader, seedbarrow or slug pellets applicator. No stitching is required.
  • For grazing land it is advised to chain harrow before overseeding. Harrowing opens the swards to improve the seed soil contact.
  • Ideal periods for overseeding are after intensive grazing or after silage cutting.
Bag size: 10 kg
Sowing rate: 10 kg/acre
Product no. 910100

MG 100 Silage Systems

2.5 Coated HRG dip. Palio
2.5 Coated HRG dip. Pirol
2.5 Coated HRG tet. Rusa
2.5 Coated HRG tet. Novial

  • 2-3 years rejuvenation

  • New life and vigour into aging swards

  • Excellent establishment

  • Outstanding seed technology for reduced overseeding costs

  • Ideal rejuvenation mix for silage systems

Bag size: 10 kg
Sowing rate: 10 kg / acre
Product no. 910150

MG 150 Cut & Graze Systems

2.5 Coated PRG INT. dip. Rodrigo
2.5 Coated PRG LATE tet. Melpaula
2.5 Coated PRG LATE tet. Melpetra
2.5 Coated PRG LATE tet. Melfrost

  • Long term rejuvenation

  • Effective enhancement of ground cover and sward density

  • Secured establishment

  • Cost efficient overseeding by broadcasting with a fertilizer spreader, seed-barrow or slug pellets applicator

  • Ideal rejuvenation mix for grazing systems