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Quinns of Baltinglass Ltd. founded in 1936 is one of Ireland’s largest agri merchants with 6 branches across the greater Leinster region. The company sells all agri input products including: Feed, Fertiliser, Seed and Agri Chemicals and also other products including farming hardware, silage wrap and animal health products through their extensive branch network.

As a company Quinns have always promoted grass reseeding as being by far the best investment you can make on your farm.
Old, poor performing swards are costing farmers up to €300/ha in lost production and although reseeding is a significant cost at €750/ha; Teagasc research has shown that the investment will pay for itself in full in 2 growing seasons. Grass reseeding has a major effect on DM production and ultimately rofitability.

Quinns Premium Sward for High Quality Grazing and Silage Quinns Premium Sward is a blend of the highest quality and best performing varieties from the Pasture Profit Index and DAFM recommended lists.
It is an excellent mix for a graze-cutgraze scenario as it contains the top performing varieties for both situations. It will give excellent early season growth and also produce excellent quality silage. It has an average heading date of June 4th so it is an ideal mix for silage the last week of May.
It will recover quickly after silage and provide excellent growth right through to autumn.

MG 60 – For High Quality Silage
Silage is normally cut on either one or two days during the year but could be fed for almost 6 months of the year. For this reason it is very important to choose the right varieties and also cut your silage at the right stage of growth. MG 60 has been formulated to ensure high yielding and high quality silage that will ensure maximum production from your livestock.

The Superior Grass Seeds

Available mixtures:

Auckland Long term mixture for grazing and silage
Wellington Outstanding silage mixture
Prairie Long term permanent pasture, for both cutting and grazing


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